About Us


About Us


Jet Dream founded in August of 2012 by Byron Leguisamo, is a company belonging to the group of ADF Airways flight training school, dedicated to provide advanced instruction for commercial pilots who are in the stage of transition from conventional engine aircraft to wide fuselage jet aircrafts through its transition Jet Course, which prepares and educates new pilots for their incorporation into commercial aviation generating great advantages and facilities at the moment of applying to any airline. In addition, Jet Dream offers a unique service of entertainment for everyone who has the passion and dream of being a commercial pilot for a few moments. You can live that unforgettable adventure here How?


Captain Leguisamo joined the recognized flight school ADF Airways based in Miami, in 2004 where he currently works as chief pilot. In a desire to further promote the profession of commercial pilot and complementing what has already been developed by ADF Airways, his work focused on the students, considering how expensive a career can be at these levels. This is how the idea of creating an accessible program that allows young pilots to start their transfer from an initial training aircraft to a commercial jet aircraft was born. With the acquisition of two flight simulators (Projet and Eurojet) and the partnership with ADF Airways, a complete program is achieved, which provides full coverage of what it means to operate a wide-cabin jet airplane similar to a B737-800 or an A320. This allows new pilots to immerse into what they will acquire once they work at an airline, with the great difference that will already know the concepts of management and operation of the airplane. This will generate a unique advantage over other pilots who will start with single-engine aircraft with piston only hours. Jet Dream is the only school in the United States with this type of program for its students.