Prep Course

Prep Course

One of the biggest dreams of a pilot is to become a Captain of an aircraft of wide cabin and perform transatlantic flights, it is why Jet Dream Training and ADF Airways have taken in consideration the dreams and aspirations of all its students and develop the JET TRANSITION PREP-COURSE program from the year 2013.

This program has been of great impact and recognition by our students and airlines around the world, because it provides our graduates with skills that allow them to have better chances of entering the aviation industry as a first officer.

The sequence of tests for admission to an airline consists of:

  • ATP Written Exam
  • ATP interview in English with the fleet captain and a psychologist
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Personal Interview
  • Simulator Evaluation

Taking into account these requirements by which each applicant to an airline has to expose itself, Jet Dream and ADF Airways created its JET TRANSITION PREP-COURSE program.

In our course, we cover the necessary material in order to cover the technical part of the interview.

We feature simulators of the latest generation, PROJET (similar to a 737-800NG), EUROJET (similar to an A320).

These simulators are certified by the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) making them an exclusive and more valuable equipment of Jet Dream and ADF Airways for preparation of pilots.


This training will provide the student a more secure and higher probability to be accepted in an Airline during an interview.



60-100 hours on a computer based training program on either Boeing 737-800NG or Airbus A-320 regarding systems using “CPAT”. This method of training is used by the most prestigious airlines around the world in order to train their First Officers.


ATP Ground School, conducted by our well knowledge and experienced instructors whom have taught this course for many years. This ground consist of 80hrs in which 8hrs of simulator familiarization are included.


20 hours of training in our latest technology simulators (PROJET/EUROJET) which are FAA approved. This training is conducted by instructors with more than 20,000 hours of flight time.


The program last around 4 weeks, it is very important that you consult with your commercial advisor regarding the start and end dates of each course.


  • Must pass an English interview
  • Must carry a commercial license from any place in the world
  • Must have a valid visa to enter U.S.A
  • Must be at least 18yrs of age


80 ATP GROUND (8hrs of sim familiarization) $ 2,600.00
20 PROJET (737-800NG) / EUROJET (A-320) $ 3,750.00
  TOTAL PRICE $ 6,410.00


For the payment of this category we offer two options:

  1. By credit card, we will make a one-time your credit card from our offices.
  2. You may do a “WIRE TRANSFER”. You will be charged $78.00 for this transfer.