How many times during your life have you had the desire to be a commercial pilot. Feel like a captain of a Boeing 737 or Airbus 320. Watch that cockpit full of screens, clocks, buttons and levers which keeps your incredible attention and you want to know how they operate. Have the airplane command stick in your hands and know that the airplane control during takeoff is completely yours. Operate the airplane systems to make turns, go up and down and the most exciting part; Safely land the airplane to finish your flight. As you taxi to the gate you can inform your passengers: “Dear passengers, this is the captain speaking. We have arrived at our destination, thank you for flying with us” Can you imagine all this and much more? Well. Believe it or not Jet Dream gives you that unique experience of feeling like an airline captain for a few moments.


Jet Dream has two unique and modern flight simulators (ProJet and EuroJet) which will give you the most real sensation to be in command of a passenger aircraft.

Choose your package and experience to be a pilot in command

High definition HD display.

Stereo sound and effects where you can feel: Engines, Landing gear, lightning, storms and more

Air traffic and ground traffic

Landscapes depending on where you want to fly, we have more than 24000 airports availables

100% aircraft systems operation where you can simulate faults or emergencies.


Tell us what type of airplane do you want to fly and from where would you like to take off and we will prepare your flight.


Note: Uniform is optional for al flight packages, if you decide to wear uniform you must wear black shoes and black pants. We provide top, wings and epaulets. Every package also included certificate and an intro video featuring the aircraft you are flying.

Intro Flight
USD $ 90.00

For up to 2 pilot. Learn the basic techniques for take-off and landing, you will have the choice to pick which city you want to fly in.

Intermediate Pilot
45 mins
USD $ 120.00

For up to 2 pilots. Advance your take-off and landings techniques and test your skills in one of the most difficult airport in the world.

Advanced Pilot
USD $ 180.00

For up to 2 pilots. In this package you will have the chance to fly from city to city of your choice and experience the responsibilities of an airline pilot.

Crew Flight
USD $ 200.00

For up to 4 pilots, this package is great for family or friends, everyone will have a chance to fly and learn the basic handling skills.

Advance Crew Flight
USD $ 360.00

For up to 4 pilots, everyone will have the opportunity to earn their wings and demonstrate excellent performance skills in the cockpit.